Travel Bug

Traveling is fun. It’s one of my favorite things about young adulthood. I traveled minimally throughout college, nearly always opting for road trips, with an occasional plane ride for a required event or two. Now, as a young professional (if you can call whatever I do “professional”), I find myself planning weekend getaways facilitated by air travel.

The worst part of travel, though, is that I seem to inevitably get sick every time. It’s part of the reason I picked the health insurance I have; I am out of town often, and I am often sick when doing so.

There is nothing less sexy than a sick girl out in Los Angeles. I was the burden at a friend’s birthday, and as the oncoming cold crept up on me, I felt less and less like socializing. Maybe it was for my own good; maybe I would have caught something much worse than a cold if I’d felt better. If you catch my drift.

Regardless, thought I would let everyone know that I am alive, although it feels like barely. Changing air pressure does negative wonders on a body when sick.


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